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February 27, 2007

Mary Lightfine -

Mary Lightfine
Mary Lightfine
Nurse and activist Mary Lightfine dared to ask "Can I do more? Can I make a difference?" Mary Lightfine will share her multimedia presentation Nurse without Boundaries on Tuesday, March 20 at 11:00 AM in the Roosevelt Hall Little Theatre. The event is sponsored by the Distinguished Speakers Program to commemorate Women's History Month. It is free and open to the public. Come see the humor, feel the tragedy and discover how one person can make a difference in the world.

After working sixteen years in emergency rooms throughout the United States , Mary Lightfine, a nurse, pilot and writer , decided to join an organization known as Doctors Without Borders. That decision has changed her life.

During the past twelve years she has lived and worked in more than a dozen countries, including some of the most hellish spots on earth. Ms. Lightfine was ambushed and shot at in Somalia , delivered babies in the jungles of Sri Lanka , and traveled the perilous Afghani Mountains full of land mines - by jeep, foot and donkey - to reach isolated inhabitants. She brought food to remote villages by helicopter in Nicaragua and Louisiana after the hurricanes, and to starving refugees in South Sudan following the destruction of their villages by government alliances. She was one of the first to provide medical aid to Kosovar refugees who had experienced unthinkable horrors.

Ms. Lightfine is a seasoned veteran of the Nobel Prize winning organization Doctors Without Borders and International Medical Corps. She is the founder and president of Nurse Without Boundaries and Volunteers Without Boundaries . She is also the author of the book, Nurses, Nomads, And Warlords .

Ms. Lightfine was nominated for lecturer of the year and best speaker Award by Campus Activities Magazine. She has been seen in countless news headlines and in segments on the The History Channel . She has been interviewed for articles in LIFE magazine, professional journals,and books.