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Security Awareness

A new information security awareness training program has been developed for Farmingdale State College by SecuringTheHuman.org in conjunction with the SUNY Office of Information and Technology.  This training program is mandated by NYS Law, SUNY Policy 6608, and SUNY Policy 6900 for all employees who have access to accounts that use the Farmingdale State College computer network.

The training consists of 15 mandatory videos that you will watch.  At the conclusion of each video you will answer three questions before you can move to the next video.  The total time of the videos is 45:23 minutes.  You can stop watching the videos at any point and go back to them at a later time.

Securing the Human has also given Farmingdale State College access to 19 additional videos that are not mandatory to watch.  You may find these videos to be of personal interest to you.  The videos cover topics from Protecting Your Home Network and Protecting Your Personal Computer to Protecting Your Children Online.  We suggest you go back and watch the recommended videos at your leisure.


The link below will take you to the SUNY Secure Sign On federated login page.  Under Select Campus, choose Farmingdale.  Turn on Remember Campus.  Click LOG IN.  You will be taken to the Farmingdale State College login page that you are familiar with.  Fill in the fields with your information.


For your reference we have provided a link to the SUNY Policy 6608 and SUNY Policy 6900 with an explanation and our responsibilities to secure our network from malicious internet attacks.


Who is the Information Security Team on Campus?
The Information Security Team can be contacted through the FSC Help Desk at extension 2754.
If you have any questions regarding computer security. Contact the Farmingdale State College (FSC) Help Desk. The telephone number can be found on the FSC website under the Directory tab at the top of the webpage. The telephone number can also be found on the Information Technology Home page under the Faculty and Staff tab.

Browser and Software updates.
The FSC Help Desk can tell you whether or not you need to update your Browser. Software that needs to be purchased and/or updated must first be approved by the Information Technology Department. Email IT Approval to make sure that the software you need to purchase or update is compatible with FSC and SUNY regulations.

Password Managers.
FSC does not recommend specific Password Managers. It is best for you to remember your passwords using a passphrase. Remember, your password is private.

What is the approved procedure for verification of someone requesting sensitive information?
Each department should have an approved procedure for verifying someone's identity when they are requesting personal information. You should contact your department supervisor for the procedures to be followed.

What is the approved procedure to Secure, Archive, and Destroy sensitive data?
The Securing, Archiving, and Destruction of data on campus maybe regulated by SUNY, State and Federal rules and laws. You should contact your department supervisor for the procedures to be followed. For more information you can go to the Internal Control homepage located on the Administration and Finance Offices link (https://www.farmingdale.edu/administration/administration-finance).

What authorized cloud services are available on the FSC campus?
The only approved cloud services on the FSC campus are Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365, which includes OneDrive. Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are available for faculty and staff to store and share files and are covered by an agreement with the college. You need to use your FSC account and password to access the two services. Using your personal account does not protect you from their typically consumer terms of service. For more information on how to access and use the two cloud services go to the Information Technology Homepage. Click on the Helpdesk tab and look for the Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365 link on the right side of the webpage under Handouts.

Backing up your computer hard drive data.
The FSC IT Department does not back up the data from your desktop computers hard drive unless you have a dedicated FSC/network share drive that you save your documents to. You are responsible for backing up your data to Google Drive. If you are using a Microsoft office product or any other computer application that you are the sole user of, you should store the data on Google drive. The Network Programs that you log into that stores student and staff data is automatically backed up.
Each department on the FSC campus will have its own procedures for the removing and destruction of data from the campus records.

Browsing – Interactive.
This module has no multiple choice questions at the end, it is an interactive module. You will be given text prompts to complete several different scenarios related to browsing and making purchases online. Don't worry, you will not be making actual purchases, this is a practice module.