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Two students in foreground talking in front of Farmingdale's Bunche Plaza fountain on a beautiful spring day.
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President's and Dean's List

President's List - Spring 2019
Dean's List - Spring 2019

President's List - Fall 2018
Dean's List - Fall 2018

President's List - Spring 2018
Dean's List - Spring 2018

President's List - Fall 2017
Dean's List - Fall 2017

President's List - Spring 2017
Dean's List - Spring 2017

President's List - Fall 2016
Dean's List - Fall 2016

President's List - Spring 2016
Dean's List - Spring 2016

President's List - Spring 2015
Dean's List - Spring 2015

President's List - Fall 2015
Dean's List - Fall 2015

President's List - Spring 2015
Dean's List - Spring 2015

President's List - Fall 2014
Dean's List - Fall 2014

President's List - Spring 2014
Dean's List - Spring 2014

President's List - Fall 2013
Dean's List - Fall 2013

President's List - Spring 2013

President's List - Spring 2012
Dean's List - Spring 2012

President's List - Fall 2012
President's List - Spring 2012

President's List - Fall 2011
Dean's List - Fall 2011

Full-Time Students

The Dean’s List is an indicator of high academic achievement earned by full-time matriculated students who obtain an average of 3.30 or better. The President’s List recognizes full-time, matriculated students who distinguish themselves by attaining an average of 3.75 or higher. Students who have failures, incompletes, or “D”, “D+” or “W”grades are ineligible for Dean’s List or President’s List designation. The Dean’s and President’s Lists are determined at the end of each semester by the Registrar’s Office and are entered on the student’s permanent record. Only the semester average is considered in computing grades and achievement level.

Part-Time Students

Dean’s List or President’s List candidates can also be currently enrolled part-time students who apply and are accepted for matriculation into a degree program and have completed a minimum of eighteen (18) credits in a maximum of three (3) consecutive semesters. The summer session will be considered a semester for this purpose. They must also have earned an average of either 3.30 or 3.75 or better.

No failing, incomplete, “D”, “D+” or “W” grades are allowed during the period of consideration. A semester consisting of all “W” grades counts as a semester and will eliminate a student from consideration for either list. Normally, three consecutive semesters involve fall and spring semesters. However, if a summer session is taken, it is then calculated within the consecutive semester’s evaluation.