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Contact Information

University in the High School

Dr. Francine Federman
Assistant Dean, College-High School Programs

Laura McMullin
Assistant Director, College-High School Programs

Ryan Mannix
Office Manager, College-High School Programs

Melanie Weidman
Office Assistant I (Keyboarding), College-High School Programs

University in the High School

This is a tremendous opportunity to earn college credit at a fraction of the cost and without the pressure of having to take Advance Placement exams. Enroll today and get a head start on your college career.


The University in the High School program enables qualified high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit for approved courses offered in their own school. Students who register with Farmingdale State College and successfully complete the course will be eligible to earn undergraduate college credits. Credits will be recorded on an official Farmingdale transcript and can either be used to pursue a degree at Farmingdale or a transcript can be sent to any other college the student wishes to attend.

Farmingdale helps bridge the gap between high school and college level study. By providing the University in the High School program to high school students, we allow students to take college level course work while attending high school. By exposing the students to this level of work and allowing students the opportunity to take advantage of the campus library and other resources, Farmingdale aspires to motivate students to continue college level work after graduation from high school.

Upon successful completion of a course, a student may request a transcript from Farmingdale. Acceptance by other SUNY schools is typical. While no guarantee can be offered for all American colleges and universities, we have found that such credits earned with a grade of C or better are accepted by a broad range of public and private institutions.

A database compiled by researchers at the University of Connecticut allows you to search college credit transfer information for over 900 colleges and universities, learn about their credit transfer/equivalency policies, and see a 1-5 star ranking of credit transfer likelihood at each institution:


The UConn database is a starting point for your credit transfer research. Consult individual college and university websites for the most up-to-date and specific information on course credit transfer and equivalency policies.

The fee is determined by the credits assigned to the course. A one credit course is $50, a two credit course is $100, a three credit course is $150, and a four credit course is $200. If you are a student enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program, you are eligible for reduced tuition at the rate of 50% per course. Confirmation of eligibility is required from your school by contacting either a guidance counselor, school nurse or other school administrator.

Read, complete and sign the registration and parental consent forms handed out by either a Farmingdale State College representative during a class visit or your UHS instructor (FSC-approved high school teacher). Return them to your teacher with a check or money order (cash is not accepted) payable to Farmingdale State College. Please be sure to include the student’s full name on the front of the check or money order.

UHS will not process any registration forms that are received after the registration deadline. Any students who submit registration forms after the deadline will not be registered for UHS credit. In addition, UHS never allows retroactive registration. 

For further details, please download the UHS Registration Guide

Registration for University in the High School courses is handled in accordance with SUNY policies. Once you submit the registration form and proper payment, you are enrolled in the course, and are responsible for the registration fee.

If, for any reason, you want or need to drop the University in the High School course (whether or not you continue to participate in the high school course) you must tell us in writing. The following financial liability schedule will apply:

Courses that are dropped during the first week of classes will not appear on a student's transcript.

  • During the first week of classes students will receive a 100% refund for courses that are dropped and for schedules that are cancelled.
  • During the second week of classes students will be entitled to a 70% refund.
  • During the third week they are entitled to a 50% refund and during the fourth week they are entitled to receive a 30% refund.
  • After the fourth week of classes students are fully liable for all program fees.

The withdrawal process begins on the second week of classes. Starting the second week of classes students who initiate a withdrawal, course or semester withdrawal will receive a "W" for that course on their transcript. The financial liability will be determined by the refund schedule in effect at the time the withdrawal is processed.

Also in accordance with University policies, outstanding financial liability to the University results in a hold being placed on student records. This means that future registrations are not permitted and transcript requests will not be honored until the liability has been satisfied.

The College does not automatically mail grade reports at the end of the term. The UHS instructor will advise the student of his/her grade.

You can request a transcript. For further details, please consult the instructions for requesting a transcript from FSC. 

If you attend Farmingdale after high school, your grades are already here; just tell your advisor at your first registration meeting. If you attend another college, you must send an official transcript from the college. Your high school transcript will not be sufficient. Transcripts may be accessed from the website. Visit the “Grades and Transcripts” page and follow the instructions there.

Additional information regarding the UHS Program and its policies can be found in the Student Handbook. 

Download the University in the High School Student Handbook PDF (Updated 11/13/2019)

Additional information for UHS Instructors can be found in the Instructor Handbook.

Download the University in the High School Administrator and Instructor Handbook PDF (Updated 11/13/2019)

Additional information about prerequisites for UHS courses can be found in the Prerequisite Guide. 

Download a copy of the UHS Prerequisite Guide PDF (Updated 11/13/2019) 

The University in the High School Department at Farmingdale State College offers a variety of courses for college credit.

Download a list of UHS Courses

To obtain more information about the courses on this list, please see the Course Listing Page.

The Department of College-High School Programs is currently involved with various grants.
To obtain more information about these grants, please visit the Grants page.