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Would you like to be part of an exciting revolution in higher education?

If you would like to earn a college degree or just take college courses, but find it difficult to adjust your schedule or commute to a campus, the Farmingdale courses offered through Open SUNY may be the answer for you. You now have an opportunity to take courses and attend classes at your own convenience any time and any place.

In an online college course the instructor and students are connected to each other through the Internet. Using the Internet, you can at any time receive instruction, compose and submit assignments, ask questions of the instructor and other students, discuss issues and actively participate in the class all from your home, your office, or the nearest campus computer lab. Depending on the faculty member and the discipline, courses may also incorporate other web based materials, textbooks, application software, simulations, and even learning activities outside of the Internet like experiments, observations, or other projects.

Students should plan on working on their course several hours (typically, 3-4 hours of work per credit hour of the course and 9-12 hours for a 3 credit course) every week of the semester. While course requirements may vary by course, student should also plan on interacting in their course several times during the week.


The online courses are available to degree seeking students or to students who simply want to take courses for personal development (non-matriculated students).

While students should always check with their advisor, credits earned in the program are typically transferable. You can also earn credits by combining traditional on-campus courses and distance learning studies from the colleges participating in Open SUNY.