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Aviation Department Programs

The Professional Pilot program provides training for entry-level pilot positions within the air transportation industry. Typically, one becomes a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) while earning advanced pilot ratings, and building flight hours in complex and twin engine aircraft. Presently, regional carriers are seeking candidates with 1000 to 1500 hours of total time and a Multi-Engine rating, and the bachelor's degree. The second program the department oversees is the BS in Aviation Administration that supplies the region with qualified administrators, offering concentrations in Airport Management and Air Cargo Management. We are the largest collegiate Flight School in the Northeast Region and the only SUNY School to offer a 4 Year Degree Program in Aeronautical Science. The Aviation Center averages 5,800 Flight Hours a Year in Solo and Dual Flight Instruction. We average over 5 FAA Certification Rides per month and over 20 Student Progression/Stage Checks per month.


Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science - Professional Pilot

**The Professional Pilot Program is a Fall Admission Program Only**

**Curriculum Changes will only be allowed in the Spring Semesters-you must meet the Transfer Requirements for Admissions**

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Ground School Pass Rates

Licensure Pass Rates for Professional Pilots

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Administration

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UAS Drone Certification Class

Aviation Hall of Fame